9 Things to Consider before buying an Acoustic Imaging Camera

Acoustic imaging cameras are among condition monitoring’s latest technological breakthroughs. They combine multi-frequency ultrasound sensors with digital imaging to provide reliability practitioners with an acoustic image. An acoustic image depicts precisely where an ultrasound source originates from. The ultrasound sources that acoustic imaging cameras detect can indicate a myriad of common faults found on machinery used in manufacturing processes.

These faults can range from leaks in a factory compressed air or gas systems, invisible steam leaks found within a steam system, electrical faults ranging from partial discharge, arcing, and tracking, fugitive emission management at oil and gas facilities, and much more.

Acoustic imaging cameras can range widely in price and quality, but on average, manufacturers can secure one for around $20,000. For such an expensive purchase, understanding the technologies capabilities and researching the specification differences between devices is an important step for purchasers and decision makers.

Key acoustic imaging camera attributes that purchasers should be aware of are weight & ergonomics, audio capabilities, battery life, screen & camera quality, storage space, accompanying software, and most importantly… detection distance, sensitivity, and ability.

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An acoustic imaging camera that visualizes sound and ultrasound, to easily locate fugitive emissions, air leaks, electrical discharge, and test for tightness.

SDT Ultrasound Solutions continues to drive the emergence of ultrasound as the "go to" technology for asset condition monitoring. Our leadership helps companies around the world achieve safer, sustainable, reliable manufacturing.

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Identify compressed air leaks with SonaVu™, an acoustic imaging camera that brings sound into focus

Compressed air is misunderstood. With 75% of costs consumed by electricity, system leaks can eat away 35-40% of demand. Leaks erode profits and pollute the environment but SonaVu™ can help.

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Compressed Air Leak Management
Compressed Air Leak Management

SonaVu™ is a multi-frequency acoustic imaging camera that takes airborne ultrasound inspection to an entirely new level. Equipped with 112 highly sensitive sonic sensors and a precision optical camera, SonaVu™ brings the power of super-human hearing to focus on its vibrant, color touch screen. It unlocks limitless applications for asset reliability, energy conservation, and safety including compressed air leak management, electrical asset reliability, tightness control of large volumes, and much more.

Enhance electrical asset reliability with SonaVu™, an acoustic imaging camera that brings sound into focus

Unreliable electric assets cost millions in downtime and repairs; and… they have the potential to maim and kill. Detect symptoms of insulation failure, a primary cause of outages, with SonaVu™.

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Safely find partial discharge with acoustic imaging
Safely find partial discharge with acoustic imaging

Ultrasound is created when assets produce either Friction, Impacting, or Turbulence (FIT). There are healthy levels of FIT, but these can quickly become unhealthy as defects worsen. Compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, gas leaks, partial discharge, fugitive emissions, squeaking, rattling, and rubbing, are just a few sources of airborne ultrasound detectable with SonaVu™ PRO.

SonaVu™ enhances routine inspections by creating a visual link to sources of FIT. It acoustically locates defects them from a safe distance while capturing their location visually in image or video format. For further precision and tagging, use the SDT LEAKChecker for pinpointing.

Safely detect fugitive emissions with SonaVu™, an acoustic imaging camera that allows you to visualize sound

Fugitive emission of gas and vapor from pressurized systems carry an economic cost to the producer, while contributing to global pollution. Identify their source from a safe distance with SonaVu™.

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Ultrasonic Acoustic Imaging Camera for Fugitive Emissions
Ultrasonic Acoustic Imaging Camera for Fugitive Emissions

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