What is SonaVu™?

SonaVu™ is an acoustic imaging camera that brings ultrasound into focus. SonaVu™ detects sources of airborne ultrasound produced by compressed air leaks, electrical discharge, and fugitive emissions. The precise location of faults is then portrayed visually with a high-resolution digital imaging camera. Manufacturers deploying SonaVu™ as part of their asset management repertoire can expect improvements to the sustainability and safety of their production processes.

Acoustic imaging camera for visualizing sound and ultrasound

Economic Impact

SonaVu™ addresses the rampant waste ubiquitous within industry today. A result of lack of awareness, training, culture and sound maintenance strategies.

Compressed air powers many of our processes but it is expensive to produce while at the same time misunderstood and therefore abused. Many of us view a compressed air valve the same way we might a water tap. But the instant that valve is cracked you are spending company money.

Part of this wasteful culture is leaks, which detract from sustainable production processes. Leaks account for 35-40% of total demand in a compressed air system. SonaVu™ hears them and reveals them so you can fix them. The potential savings are significant both in terms of cost and environmental impact.

Fugitive emissions are another waste that plague manufacturing. They are costly and potentially hazardous to our health and planet. An intuitive solution like SonaVu™ hears their hissing ultrasonic signals while bringing them into clear, visual focus.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of fugitive emissions and compressed air leaks must not be overlooked. Fugitive emissions spew mega tons of greenhouse gases into our environment every year. Inefficient compressed air system leak dollars from your balance sheet while straining your compressors and the electrical grid. Since most air is compressed using fossil fuels it’s in all our interest to let SonaVu™ help us stop this profligate waste.

Risk and Safety Impact

Unreliable electrical assets have the potential to maim and kill while costing society millions in downtime, hardware failure, and lawsuits. At the root of electrical failures is partial discharge; the leaking of electricity caused by the gradual deterioration of insulation material. Once partial discharge starts, it only gets worse. Manifested in the form of corona discharge, arcing, and tracking; these hidden defects are revealed by SonaVu’s™ ultrasound sensors and displayed on its visual camera. Finding sources of partial discharge early prevents the deterioration of electrical assets which eventually lead to arc flash events, explosions, and mass outages.

The world needs products that are manufactured sustainably. SonaVu™ improves companies’ bottom line by eliminating sources of energy waste, improving electrical asset reliability, and diminishing the volume of greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere by manufacturing.

Who is SDT?

SDT Ultrasound Solutions is the world’s favourite ultrasound company.

Our mission is to provide ultrasound solutions that give manufacturers a better understanding about the health of their physical assets. We help them anticipate failures, reduce… and even eliminate sources of energy and other waste, while enhancing safety for every stakeholder. Our solutions contribute to the overall reliability of your facility.

This mission is driven by a multi-visionary pursuit.

Research and Development

The continual development of new products and the improvements to existing ones, positions SDT as the technological pioneer of ultrasound hardware, software, and training systems. This is fueled by a dedicated in-house technical team and our commitment to fund R&D (Research and Development) with significant reinvestment of profits.


Clients, peers, and competitors regard SDT as the most intelligent ultrasound company in the world. This reputation is earned by committed and impassioned associates that work tirelessly to support our communities before, during, and after their investment in our solutions. We are grateful for this responsibility and shall never take our position as trusted advisors for granted.


We are thought leaders that continue to push the boundaries of ultrasound technology. Each product strives to build upon the fulfillment of one goal; To innovate in ways that serve our customers, their stakeholders, and the environment.

SDT never rests on its prior successes. We are not satisfied by normal and always strive for extraordinary. This is demonstrated by frequent updates to firmware and software that create new applications and enhance existing. We have done more to advance ultrasound technology to its current state than any other manufacturer.


SDT seeks to partner with its clients to create a global community of smart ultrasound inspectors. Through our revolutionary digital training platforms SDT shares its considerable knowledge with a willing condition monitoring community. Knowledge shared, empowers us to pursue a common goal in support of sustainability, safety, and reliability.

Many of our innovations are the direct product of feedback received from our trusted users. We are your audience and we are always listening so you can hear more.

Ready to implement an ultrasound program? The implementation process can be daunting on your own. Distractions and doubt derail initiatives at a rate of 70%. SDT provides the experience, leadership, and planning to help circumnavigate the pitfalls that threaten your best intentions.


We are explorers. We are open to trying new ideas, improving existing ones, and creating new applications for our customers. We will not shy away from calculated risks that serve our mission.

SDT’s market share was built by helping our customers create sustainable, world-class ultrasound programs. Each new project is an adventure and a journey. Come explore the world of condition monitoring through the intuitive ears and eyes of our ultrasound guides.

Innovating with Purpose

We promise to only produce solutions that are innovative, efficient, accurate, robust, reliable, easy to use, necessary, and affordable. SDT will not garnish its instruments with fluff and window dressing. Every feature is born from a need to improve your profitability and our collective environment.

You will not find glittering prizes and endless compromises in our products. We leave that for our competitors.

Considering an acoustic imaging camera for your condition monitoring toolbox? Look no further than SDT and SonaVu™. We are the world’s favourite ultrasound company. Why buy your ultrasound camera from anyone but the world’s leader in ultrasound technology... SDT... Hear More.

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